Our Services:
  • Massage Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Reiki Healing & Attunements
  • Tai Chi & Qigong
  • Holistic Health Coaching
  • Reflexology
  • Retreats & Workshops
  • Yoga Teacher Training

Our Partners


Sheri Gilburth Fungcap
Massage Therapy
Massage therapy with Asian acupressure and craniosacral therapy to de-stress, balance the body, and relax the mind.
Reiki Healing & Attunement
Focused energy to relax the nervous system, release old emotions and habits. Nourishes the body, mind, and heart into a joyful, peaceful state of relaxation.
Spiritual Counseling
Client receives safe, supportive, and loving space to share their story and confront their fears. Ask about Equine Spiritual Counseling!  

Essud Fungcap Jr
A lifestyle practice that helps to quiet the mind, stretch and relax the body, and invigorate the spirit.

Tai Chi & Qigong
  Slow moving martial art movements for healing and therapy. It helps to connect mind and body through energy(Qi), breathe, postures and forms.



Joel Steidle
A practice that increases flexibility and strength in the body, and relaxation and calmness in the mind.
Holistic Health Coaching  
Guidance and support for achieving increased health and wellness through whole food nutrition, superfoods, superherbs, and other lifestyle adjustments and changes. 


Become a Certified Yoga Teacher!
We offer yoga teacher training for anyone looking to be a Certified Yoga Instructor. Our program will consist of multiple weekends that will include traditional philosophy, principles, teaching theory & applications of Yoga.